In English

I am Li Andersson, 34 years, member of the Finnish parliament, chairperson of the Left Alliance, city councillor in Turku and Minister of Education. I have a small daughter called Ava. I was born in Turku in 1987 and have lived here all my life. 

I have been active on politics for more than a decade and I am still driven by three major goals: to end poverty, to make the world more equal and to solve the climate crisis. 

In politics, I especially want to work for the welfare of children and youth, as well as our senior citizens. It is especially at the start and at the end of our lives that we are the most dependent on well functioning and high quality welfare services. In the aftermath of the global COVID pandemic it is even more important that the decision makers are committed not to repeat the mistakes that were made in the aftermath of the economic depression in Finland in the 90’s. 

Before my life in politics I worked several different jobs. I have for example sat behind the cashier in Moomin world, worked as a hotel receptionist, as a waitress and dishwasher, translator and sorting fruits on a farm in France. I have also been the Secretary General of the Finnish School Students Union FSS, the district secretary of the Left Youth in Southwest Finland and an intern at the human rights NGO Civil Rights Defenders. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in political science. I have studied International Law at the University Åbo Akademi, specializing in international human rights and refugee law. I have also studied Russian language and culture. 

In my free time I try to read as many books as possible, as it is both the best way to relax and the best way to develop one’s thinking. I also enjoy slow mornings, winter swimming, live music and spending time with my friends. I am an incurable coffee addict.